Case No.27 of 2000

Present : Shri D. K. Roy, Chairman
                 Shri H. S. Sahu, Member

Date of Argument : 15.12.2000
Date of Order : 19.01.2001

IN THE MATTER OF :Revenue requirement and determination of Bulk Supply Tariff and Transmission Charges for M/s.Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Procedural history

  3. GRIDCO's Proposal

  4. Objections during hearing

  5. Gridco's response to objection

  6. Commission's Analysis and Orders

    1. Revenue Requirement

      1. Quantity of Power Purchase

      2. Cost of Power

      3. Transmission cost

    2. Approved Revenue Requirement, Reasonable Return & Clear Profit

    3. Transmission Loss

    4. Tariff Design and Bulk Supply

    5. Transmission Tariff

    6. Commission's Order

  7. Annexures

    1. Annexure I

    2. Annexure II

    3. Annexure III

M/s. Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd., Janpath, Bhubaneswar (GRIDCO, for short) the holder of The Orissa Transmission & Bulk Supply Licence, 1997 (No.2/97) submitted an application on 29.09.2000 u/s 26 of the Orissa Electricity Reform Act, 1995 (Reform Act, 1995, for short) in respect of its revenue and tariff for bulk supply of electricity and tariff for use of its transmission services.


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